About Us

We at Encompass Safety Inc. are one of the leading health and safety training Calgary consultancy services in Alberta, providing legal compliance for all sizes and levels of companies. With more than three decades of experience in the field, we are the go-to experts in terms of complete commercial and industrial safety solutions.

Our Story

Our Senior Facilitator, Anton Tonsi has Oil & Gas industry experience of over 28 years. He began his career in the field of fracturing, and then his work took him to across 17 countries where he gained experience in civil earthworks, constructions, shutdowns and drilling. It was exactly 17 years ago that Anton and a number of his colleagues were injured in a serious a site accident.

He spent more than 8 months in hospital. But his passion for his field and work didn't let him just rest and recuperate. He spent his time studying safety training Calgary programs. During the studies he came to realize that just a basic precautionary measure could have averted the accident. This was where Anton realized how essential HSSE was to the work place, and made it his goal to provide world class training to companies to prevent the kind of accident that he and his team faced.

He has been here running Encompass Safety for over 16 years and having completed so many projects, he or his team never incurred any major injury. He and his HSSE team are proud to continuously share their unique record. Thus, we are constantly striving to help ensure that our clients always work safely without any affect on their productivity.

Total Commitment

We at Encompass Safety have delivered our health and safety training Calgary services to almost all sectors - from schools to industries to government departments. The scope of our safety services reaches out, not only to our clients and their staff, but also to their suppliers and the members of the public by ensuring that their business premises and operations always remain safe.

Our Infrastructure

We are continuously investing in our people, our knowledge and our tools. We provide our services throughout Alberta, reaching out to our clients at any site of operation. We are capable of responding instantly and efficiently to your ever changing needs.

We are members to the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, providing complete health and alberta safety training solutions to meet any kind of on site or training requirements. We comply with all the Canadian statutory health and safety regulations and ensure that our clients' safety systems are developed in accordance.

Our Services

We provide complete range of onsite and training services for our clients, including:

  • Site Inspections
  • OH&S Training
  • WHMIS & TDG Training
  • OTR Safety Inspections
  • HOS & Log Book Training
  • BBO Program Development
  • Shop & Office Safety
  • On Site HSSE Coaches
  • Safety Blitz Units
  • Driver Evaluations
  • Traffic control services Calgary
  • Leadership Programs

We can also develop unique health and safety services based on the specific requirements of our clients.