Let’s be frank about it – many drivers will crack jokes about the routine “practice” of accurately maintaining their log books. Many truckers believe that they could handle the roads and manage themselves without having to deal with all the rules and regulations. If you also think the same way, let it be known that […]

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Occupational health and safety (OH&S) inspections are essential to preventing workplace accidents by minimizing risks. Every organisation, without concern for the industry, must conduct regular OH&S inspections on a regular basis. It is a positive step towards ensuring the safety of your workers and also protecting yourself, as the business owner, from any legal or […]

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In many cases, driving is much more than a privilege. Many people need to drive to complete a wide range of errands including traveling to the doctor, to the market and to meet friends and family. But once you have suffered from a stroke, it could have an impact on your driving skills. You will […]

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