Without concern whether you are using the most advanced equipment, your work site can never be completely safe. It is important that all types of workplaces be regularly inspected by well trained and qualified professionals. Here is a list of points that must be considered when it comes to planning the right type of inspections. […]

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Workplace inspections are important to your overall workplace health and safety risks prevention program. It will involve the careful examination of the premises and the processes on a periodic and random basis. In this guide you will learn about the different types of inspections and their details. Spot Inspections These inspections are made occasionally to […]

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As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that all your workers receive appropriate training under workplace health and safety regulations. If you neglect this because of certain limitations, you will be putting your employees and your company at risk. Occupational health and safety training is one of the most effective parts in the […]

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