Occupational health and safety inspectors are authorized to enforce the Occupational Health & Safety Act or OHSA. They will also ensure that as an employer you are also maintaining an efficient International Responsibility System (IRS). The IRS requires that all workplace elements maintain workplace health and safety. The inspectors will not only enforce the OHSA, […]

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driving evaluation

The number of vehicles is growing at a staggering rate. Transportation plays an important life in everyone’s lives. You have to drive to work, to shop, to the doctor and for a wide range of other purposes. But for people with physical disabilities or old age limitations, driving a vehicle can be difficult or almost […]

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hos training

Log books are essential part of the documentation processes required by authorities for evaluating whether your drivers comply with the Hours of Service (HOS) legislation or not. All commercial vehicle drivers in the country are required to comply with the NSC code for the Commercial Vehicle Drivers HOS Regulations. Under this regulation, drivers are required […]

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