Services - Traffic Control Services Alberta

  • Driver evaluations

    Our driver evaluation services involve assessment of drivers on the basis of a number of factors. Our experienced and certified professionals will evaluate drivers on habits, braking, speed limits, attitude or behavior, lane usage, passing, following distance, cleanliness, and knowledge of traffic rules and limits. Our driver evaluation services extend over both on-road and off-road driving and for all classes of vehicles.

    We have a specialty fleet comprising of several vehicles with highly advanced adaptations. We are the industry leading driver evaluations service in Alberta because we are committed to remain updated in terms of practices and equipment.

  • Site inspections

    We at Encompass Safety provide comprehensive alberta health and safety training programs and site inspections for our clients. Our OH&S style inspection consists of 26-point checks that include everything from office/shop housekeeping to storage of materials to checking hazards. Our inspections can be customized based on your commercial practice and its special health and safety requirements.

    Such site inspects are developed to be a part of your monthly safety inspection requirements under SECOR or COR. Some of the main types of inspections that our specialized and qualified inspectors can conduct include the following:

    • Monthly safety walk
    • Incident investigations
    • Field site visits and safety audit
    • Fleet safety blitz
  • Safety Blitz Units

    Our safety blitz units conduct comprehensive OH&S style inspection. We provide a 26-point inspection that includes everything from materials storage, handling and hazards evaluation to housekeeping checks. We can provide tailored inspections based on your industry and workplace environment. The inspections can become part of your monthly safety inspections for your COR/SECOR.

    We know that leaving the health and safety signs up can gradually minimize their effectiveness. They tend to become part of the landscape. It is important for the signs to always look "fresh" so that they catch the workers' eye and always raise awareness.

    Our industrial safety trainers can conduct a wide range of inspections and recommend systems to improve your workplace safety. We will check and provide recommendations about fire risks. We will develop and implement a system for prevention planning and workplace safety. Our inspection service will involve evaluation of the effectiveness of the existing prevention and safety systems.

    We will also devise systems to control hazards in high-risk areas or around high-risk materials so that proper measures will already be in place if any incident occurs. Our safety blitz units will evaluate the environment and recommend all safety solutions required based on your workplace's requirements.

  • Traffic Control Services
    Traffic Control Services Calgary

    Our traffic control services Calgary are backed up by our units located in Northern, Southern and Central Alberta. Our traffic control units are fully equipped with the latest systems such as cameras and radars for total control and monitoring over the traffic. Our teams are qualified and trained in all aspects of traffic speed control.

    Encompass traffic control units can monitor private roads for all traffic regulations including speed, following of rules, and seatbelt violations. All our units are marked and fully equipped to facilitate any situation and requirement. Besides, our teams are fully trained for conducting advanced level of investigations.

    Some of the main services we provide as part of our traffic control services Calgary are as following:

    • Traffic Control and flagging people
    • Emergency lane/highway closure
    • Providing pilot vehicle services. our vehicles will be equipped with CB/VHF radios and signage.
    • Radar units to be used on private roads.
    • Accident investigation - providing emergency response to accidents. Scene containment, taking statements and measurements, and capturing photographs.

    If you have any need for traffic control services alberta, feel free to contact us. Our professionals are unmatched in their experience, knowledge and qualifications. We can also customize our services to suit your specific needs.

  • WHMIS & TDG Training

    We provide Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) training to meet your occupational health and safety alberta needs. WHMIS is essentially implemented under the Hazardous Products Act, as a standard for hazard and chemical communication system. We provide WHMIS training to ensure that your teams are able to follow the strictest guidelines and principles with regard to the handling of hazardous materials in the workplace.

    We at Encompass are also the leading provider of TDG training. Our training programs train your professionals in the prevention of any kind of mishap during the transportation or handling of hazardous goods. We train in the implementation of preventative measures and standard procedures to comply with the TDG WHMIS Compliance Centre's rules.

    Our WHMIS and TDG training courses provide a complete overview of the standard requirements for the shipper, consigner, consignee, transport and the consumer. Our qualified industrial safety trainers will explain all the latest regulations. Your staff will also be provided with handbooks for their ready reference. Our courses are designed to meet or exceed the federal and provincial regulations which are applicable at the time of training. Feel free to contact us for discussing your specific workplace environment and the training requirements.

  • HOS & Log Book Training

    Encompass Safety provides HOS & Log Book Training services in Alberta covering federal and provincial, and even American regulations for both oilfield operators and OTR drivers. You will be trained on logbooks and daily driver sheets as per your specific requirements. Our training course is suitable for all classes of drivers.

    It is required under law for commercial vehicle drivers to comply with the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations. You or your drivers are thus required to maintain their record of daily driving (and also other work-related activities) in a given format. You will also be required to present this information to the enforcement officers whenever asked for.

    Our HOS & Log Book Training course will train you with the proper maintenance of logbooks and hours of service. Students will also be able to familiarize with the national and provincial laws regarding hours of service maintenance. It will also allow you to create highly accurate logbooks that can prove to be of help in times of special needs or in emergencies.

    If you require HOS & Log Book Training for your staff or for yourself, feel free to contact Encompass Safety. We provide the most comprehensive and effective training program in Alberta.

  • OH&S Training

    We at Encompass Safety are providing both in-class and on-site OH&S training on a wide range of topics. We cover:

    • Scaffolding
    • Aerial Work Platforms
    • Fall Protection
    • Scissor Lifts
    • Ladders
    • Boom Trucks
    • Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT Forklifts)
    • Flammables in housekeeping
    • WSIB
    • LP
  • OTR Safety inspections

    We at Encompass can provide a wide range of OTR Safety Inspections services based on your requirements. We could run weekly/monthly safety training Calgary and toolbox meetings or we could supply all the materials to the meetings. With over three decades of combined experience, we are capable of offering more than 400 topics covering all aspects of situations and interests.

    Effective communication is an important element in any safety program. These are just few of the safety training Calgary topics that could be made the agenda of your safety meetings (on job site or formal meetings). Every month we will keep adding new topics based on a planned structure. The discussions can help promote safety within the workplace.

    Feel free to contact us for more information about our OTR Safety Inspections.

  • Shop & Office Monthly Safety Reviews

    At Encompass Safety Inc., we can enhance your existing training programs and add more effectiveness and value to them. We have developed a unique approach to training and safety culture that has been tested to help get the workers involved and dedicated to the overall wellbeing of the workplace.

    Our shop and office monthly review programs train you in conducting informal daily safety inspections to ensure that any unsafe conditions or risks are addressed and corrected. You will also be able to learn how to conduct formal/documented weekly inspections and taking steps to address all risks.

    The occupational health and safety reviews will involve documentation of all the corrections on the inspection/audit sheet. It will involve weekly supervisor inspections, which will also be recorded. The objective behind such inspections is to ensure that the existing hazard controls are active, the equipments are in safe condition and that safe practices are followed.

    Monthly safety inspection will involve the safety team touring the entire facility, once in a month. The safety manager will accompany the team. The objective behind the tour is to ensure that the team remains familiar with all the aspects of the safety operation. Any risks, unsafe condition and problems are recorded and reported to the management.

  • BBO Program Development and Monitoring

    Behavior Based Safety programs provide an effective strategy for training your employees based on the requirements and the omissions in the workplace. Our training program can be called by any name - SOC, BBO or BBS programs. We at Encompass can train and develop your workforce to help them make the most of the programs. Our training program will help enhance the safety of your workers while making them aware of their safety needs. Without such training, you cannot expect them to master their unique safety requirements.

    BBO is an approach that focuses on the behavior of workers as the underlying cause behind most of the work-related injuries or illnesses. We have developed comprehensive training programs to empower your workforce to act according to their individual safety needs.

  • On Site HSSE Coaches and Techs

    At Encompass Safety Inc., our HSSE coaches and techs are well qualified and trained in their fields of specialization. They have combined experience of several decades and come from a wide range of backgrounds including construction sites, shutdowns and work over and completions. All our coaches and techs are fully certified at different levels and fields including OH&S Certification, CSO, NCSO, CRSP and CSP.

    We can supply professionals for your worksite for any duration and at any level. We can keep your staff and worksite safe on a consistent basis, thus helping you save big on legal and insurance costs. We provide customized solutions and services, which are focused on the Alberta market. We have developed advanced HSE management systems that allow you to access all your records and documents required for managing your HSE efficiently.

  • Leadership Programs for all levels

    Leadership is at the core of any successful business. Therefore, it is essential to pursue continual leadership training with a reputable institute. It is perhaps the most important training you can take for your business, and we at Encompass are your ultimate training services in Alberta.

    We provide all levels of leadership training for clients, from on job mentorships to minor two-day leadership training. Our leadership training programs are designed based on your workforce's specific needs. We have made a reputation among our clients for our leadership development programs. They have achieved improvements in leadership skills and overall time management within their organization.

    Our programs help you learn the leadership skills required for achieving both professional and personal growth. You will also be preparing to achieve competitive advantage for your organization. Feel free to contact us if you want to pursue the industry-leading leadership development programs in Alberta.

  • Instructors

    At Encompass, all our instructors have combined experience of several decades in the Oil and Gas Field. Their experiences range from health and safety training to management roles. Our health and safety training expertise spans across all the major industries, from office and shop safety to well servicing to trucking and everything in between.

    Whether you need safety training programs and regular site inspections, or implement security systems involving closed circuit cameras, we have the qualifications, experience and certifications to deliver industry-leading services in the Alberta market. Our professionals hold a combined 30-plus years of experience in the field of HSE & Operations in almost all industries. Our accumulated knowledge can help any organization in Alberta to achieve their full potential in all aspects of safety and security.

    We are also proud registered members of the CCOHS and the CSSE. We have built a strong reputation for our services in the Alberta market. Our clients rely on our HSSE expertise to meet all their safety requirements. we are your one-stop destination to meet your services.