Employee training

  • Hours of Service (HOS)

    Hours of service are an integral part of the regulations that have been issued by the FMCSA. These regulations govern the working hours of a person operating any OTR. Adhering to HoS is of critical importance as it helps in preventing accidents which result due to driver fatigue. The regulations make it mandatory for the drivers to take specified number of hours as resting time everyday and follow the natural day and night sleep cycle in order to avert fatigue related accidents. Every driver of an OTR must keep a track of his HoS by maintaining an electronic or manual Logbook.

    We help you train the truck drivers you have employed to understand the significance of this regulation of HoS and make them learn every aspect of it. Our courses have been designed in such a way that it suits drivers of all classes in every situation they might have to drive. All the provincial or federal, American or Canadian government regulations for HoS for oil field operators and the OTR drivers are covered in the courses we have to offer to make your workforce totally abreast with the latest rules. Depending on your requirement we can customize the courses and include logbooks or driver sheets as necessary.

  • TDG

    Both courses are a complete overview of all requirements for Consignor, shipper, transport, consignee and consumer. All up to date regulations will be explained and handbooks are retained by the students for quick reference. Both courses are designed to meet or exceed all federal & provincial regulations at time of training.


    The Workplace hazardous materials management information system has been designed to ensure that the workers as well as their employers are safe at all times while they are at the workplace. This system was particularly crafted to keep the employer and his workforce up to date with the hazards and the dangers that are associated with various chemicals and other substances which one has to be in contact with while performing day to day tasks in an industrial environment. This training provided in our alberta health and safety training institute is legally required for all the workers, who are presently being exposed and/or who will, in the latter course of their employment, be exposed to the hazardous substances.

    Since the onus of alberta safety training and keeping the staff well informed about the aforementioned hazards is on the employer, we are here to help you achieve that. Our courses on WHMIS provide an overview of all the requirements pertaining to shipping, consignee, consignor and consumer. The regulations are well explained to each and every worker in your workforce and they can retain handbooks, which are provided during the safety training Calgary, for quick referencing in the future. The courses are structured so as to be in line with the provincial and federal government regulations.

  • Journey Management

    Journey management is essential to ensure safety of the drivers of any commercial vehicle and thus lower the risk associated with the journey. A journey management plan is a tool to assist in allocation of mobile resources such as employees, vehicles and other heavy equipment to a specified journey. In simple words Journey management can be defined a safety system that is delivered by a industrial safety trainers in real time to companies in various sectors like energy, logistics, oil and transportation. The team uses customized software to ensure safety of the drivers as they travel between worksites or undertake a journey to accomplish any work related activity.

    Our courses are very easy to grasp and enable quick understanding of various variables of any journey management plan such as the purpose of the trip, road conditions, driver's readiness and the planned routing. We impart the best in class practical training in our institute so that the journey management operator can take quick and efficient decisions to handle all sorts of emergency situations. The courses we have to offer also focus on all the technical aspects of journey management such as efficiently handling the GPS tracking systems that are employed in all the commercial vehicles these days. We are aware of all rules and regulations specified by the government and have taken utmost care to include these in our program.

  • Log book training

    HOS (Hours of Service) & Log Book – These courses cover federal, provincial, Canadian and American regulations for OTR drivers and oilfield operators. We discuss both logbooks and daily driver sheets depending on your requirements. This course is adapted for all classes of drivers in all situations.

  • Safety Presentations

    Safety Presentations – We offer public speakers to present at your safety shutdowns, monthly safety meetings or any other event. We have a range of topics that we speak on dealing with office safety and responsibilities to oilfield and trucking onsite and JMC issues.

  • Journey Management Setup

    Journey Management – With our highly developed and easily adaptable program we can make your trips that much safer. We train on how to properly plan your trip, including such things as weather, time, roads, events, construction and fatigue. We can also advise you on JMC programs that are available to you and completely set up your system from GPS systems to call centers.

  • Log Book Auditing

    Just maintaining a log book for our individual drivers is not enough to comply with the DOT regulations. The log books are reviewed and audited by government officials from time to time and if any discrepancy is found, hefty fines and even jail time can be imposed. To prevent such unwanted situations, you must get the logbooks audited by professionals. It is not advisable to audit a logbook on your own unless you have years of experience doing that. This is because even the smallest mistake you make while auditing the logbook could mean that your firm is in noncompliance with the government regulations.

    We provide professional auditors who will go through your log books and look for any discrepancy so that you can take corrective measures beforehand. Our experts have years of experience in auditing log books and so are aware of various nuances of the whole process. If you are using an electronic method of maintain the HOS then we can provide you with a team of industrial safety trainers who have specialized in this area and have the knowledge required to audit such electronic logs. We have the latest software which can scan the log book entries within seconds and analyze the corresponding GPS data and time data to provide crisp and easy to understand reports.

  • WCB Investigations

    WCB & Incident Investigations – We can complete your entire incident claim paperwork. Be it loss time or damages we are able to complete the task. We can use your company forms if available or we have our own detailed forms that once completed give a complete picture of the incident or claim. Our investigators are federally trained are willing to help with any stage of the investigation.

  • Incident investigations

    For any organization or business things always do not happen as they were planned. Every organization needs to be prepared to deal with unexpected incidents to make sure that their negative consequences are minimized and there is no hindrance in the growth. Investigations into the incidents that cause disruption of any sort in your business help you to uncover any legal or reputational compliance that you had previously missed which made you liable to provide compensation to the worker. Also, what you find in your investigation can be fruitful to the insurers that you have partnered with in minimizing the claim amount.

    We have a comprehensive investigation plan that completes the entire claims paperwork that you are required to file. Any damage or any loss of time claim is covered in our program. In case you do not have any company forms, we can provide you with our own forms that are detailed and cover every aspect of the incident providing a through picture of the claim or the incident. No matter what the stage of the investigation is, we can provide you investigators who will take charge of the investigation from there on and a quick conclusion of the investigation can be reached

  • Work Alone

    There are many tasks during the course of the day that the workers have to perform where assistance is not readily available, where there are situations that warrant a single worker to be performing the job with no other worker in the vicinity. Simply put, the worker is completely alone. This makes him extremely vulnerable to risks and mishaps that can sometimes be life threatening. As an employer it is your duty to ensure the safety of your personnel; more so if the work involved has risks. You must engage with the workers proactively and get to know what problems they face during the time they are alone so that any unfortunate incident can be avoided.

    Another way to ensure the safety of the workers in a secluded environment is to keep them well trained and informed of the various situations that could arise due the nature of their job when their safety is compromised. Our courses and programs related to working alone occupational health and safety alberta, cover all such topics that help your employee know beforehand how to react in difficult situations when help is not easily available. We have highly specific courses targeting particular jobs so you do not have to worry about anything being amiss during the program

  • Fatigue Management

    Workforce is an integral part of any business and where there is workforce, there is fatigue. Over the course of time, your employees are bound to experience fatigue if the work load is not managed properly. This makes fatigue management imperative for any organization in order to ensure a healthy workforce that is full of energy and can work to the best of its capacity. Almost every industry today is witnessing an increase in workload which is resulting in longer working hours for the employees. Therefore, fatigue management is an absolute necessity to maintain the health and safety of the workers as well as the organization.

    Our program encompasses every aspect of fatigue management. We understand the various challenges that are encountered by an organization- be it a technology major or a manufacturing plant. This understanding helps us in formulating a program that is best for the peculiarities of your business. Depending on the demographics of your employees, we can customize the program so that you find it absolutely relevant and are able to benefit from it. When it comes to fatigue, Prevention is definitely better than cure and thus we build programs which aim at removing the root cause of fatigue so that you do not have to invest time and effort in rectifying the ripple effects